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Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Financial Services (Level 9)

This course was developed by ICD Business School in conjunction with the Irish Government’s ‘International Financial Services Strategy 2020-2025’ This Strategy states;

A key requirement for the success of the Ireland for Finance strategy will be the continued availability of sufficient numbers of people with the skills needed – in quantity and quality – for the sector to continue growing and moving up the value chain. The retraining and upskilling of staff is a key national priority for future economic prosperity and ongoing learning and development must be encouraged. On training and education for the financial services industry, a large body of work will be delivered by industry associations, training bodies, and educational institutions, often in partnership with each other. Skillnet Ireland will continue to support the international financial services industry in Ireland through talent development.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Financial Services is designed to upskill and reskill persons wishing to work in the International Financial Services Sector in Ireland.
Successful Graduates may be employed in the following areas;

  • Fund Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Re-Insurance Management

The Work Experience/Placement module is designed to allow the student 12 weeks in an accounting/financial services firm with the prospect of further employment with the firm. Placement is arranged by ICD Business School, currently ICD has a successful placement of over 85% of participants

The full course details can be accessed here.