All ICD Facilities

We have all the facilities you need to succeed in your studies at ICD.

Fully staffed Reception area

Where you can always have your questions answered

Library Resource Centre

Access to books, magazines, eBooks, computers with office productive software, access to peer-reviewed academic journals, eJournal databases, relaxed study area, collaborative study area, printing facilities, overhead projector and integrated sound system for multi-media presentations and training sessions and more!

Disability Access

We have a lift/elevator, making all floors of the building accessible to people of all abilities. There are disabled toilet facilities accessible on all floors of the building.


Security in the building during all opening hours to keep students safe and to ensure people permitted to enter the premises are staff, students, or authorised visitors only

Open-Door Policy

An open-door policy in all offices, making you feel welcome, at home, and not burdened by red tape when you need to speak to a member of staff


Student and staff canteen where you have access to free boiled water and microwave facilities, as well as various other food and drinks

Computer Labs

Computer labs for both class demonstrations/labs/tutorials and for use by students in your study and assignment work any time of day. Computer rooms also contain printing facilities and have full internet access with anti-virus protection to keep your files safe

Exam Venues On-site

Plenty of Examination venue facilities on-site, which means, when examination time comes, unlike some other colleges, we will not require you to take examinations in strange surroundings. You will feel safe completing your examinations in a familiar, friendly environment.


And, of course… lots of classrooms!!


  • An open-door policy in all classrooms when they are not in use (for a lecture), meaning students have more than enough study areas, whether studying for an individual assignment, or collaboratively working on a team assignment or as part of a study group
  • Locked cloakroom facilities, where you can put your belonging during examinations for safe-keeping
  • Accessible, affordable car parking less than two minutes from the front door (closer than you will find on most college campuses!)

For more information, please take a look at our student handbook: See Student Handbook