Social Supports & Social Life at ICD

We are a learning community at ICD. Our staff and students are partners, learning and working hard together. However, ICD college life is not only about hard work and study, even though they are very important. ICD’s learning community is also a social community. As a small college, we are like a family. All students and staff tend to know each other at ICD and we take pride in building friendships with all our students. We do spend a lot of time in the classroom. However, we also have an increasingly busy social calendar including:

Staff and Student attendance at social events such as concerts

The Annual Graduation Ceremony, held at Dublin City Hall every year

In our college canteen, every day!!

Some colleges have a separate canteen for staff. However, at ICD, staff and students share the canteen together as equals.

The annual ICD barbeque

Every year, staff and students get together for a barbeque to celebrate the start of the summer and the end of another successful academic year

Welcome dinners for new students

Parties and events to marks special occasions

Embassy Events

As a diverse college with a large international student population, ICD students regularly attend embassy events as student ambassadors. Below is Ms. Gardiana Suely Rodrigues De Sousa (ICD student) with his Excellency the Ambassador of Brazil to Ireland Mr. Afonso Cardoso.

Student Ambassador events

Below is The Minister for Education and Skills Ms. Jan O’Sullivan presenting Ms. Gardiana Suely Rodrigues De Sousa with her certificate for her work as a Student Ambassador, also pictured Mr Giles O’Neill – Chief Executive of Education Ireland.

Alumni events

An example is the alumni event held at the Irish Embassy in Beijing, China, attended by ICD staff, students (and alumni), and dignitaries such as the Irish Minister for Education and Skill

Education in Ireland Events (Enterprise Ireland)

Below  is Education in Ireland Ambassador, Marie Angeles Martinez, ICD Venezuelan Ambassador


Below are two images of a Digital Business seminar at ICD, which includes ICD staff and students and staff and students from Tio University (Netherlands)

For more information, please take a look at our student handbook: See Student Handbook