ICD’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhancing, Supporting, and Protecting Staff, Students, Society, Culture, Economy and Ecology

As a learning community, ICD’s social responsibilities are shared by the ICD Management (Management Team and Governing Body), staff (Academic Council and all staff), and students (including the Student Representative Committee and all students). We are all partners who must do what we can to ensure we make the most positive possible contribution to the protection and enhancement of:

  • Our own staff and students’ continuous development, lives (inside and outside of ICD), and careers
  • Society and culture in Ireland and beyond
  • Economy and commerce in Ireland and beyond
  • The ecological-system in Ireland and beyond

Management, staff, and students at ICD are committed to working together to ensure our responsibilities to all stakeholders are seen as a privilege we take pride in rather than a burden. The following represent the main areas of our commitment to our stakeholders and greater society both in Ireland and outside.

ICD’s Supports for Learners:

In addition to the various services described throughout the student handbook, ICD takes pride in providing a variety of other learner supports and protection initiatives.

ICD Scholarships:

The scholarships are for learners of all nationalities, who are currently residing/living in The Republic of Ireland. As of 2019, ICD Business School has awarded six Scholarships in these circumstances.

Waiving of Fees Fund:

ICD Business School established a Waiving of Fees Fund in 2002. This fund is administered by the Directors of ICD and is discretionary, but primarily for learners who find themselves in financial difficulties, but have shown through their studies and results a commitment to their field of study. For this reason the funding tends to be directed at students who have been part of ICD for at least one academic year. If any student wishes to apply for assistance with their fees, please contact Mr Vincent Barry. Of course, unfortunately, it is not possible to waive all student fees. However, the students who qualify and are most in need will receive all the financial assistance possible.

Student of the Year Awards

Every year, at ICD’s Annual Graduation Ceremony, we present awards to the Student of the Year on every programme. This initiative is equally achievable by all students, and we believe it is our responsibility and privilege to recognise and reward students who excel in their studies, as a way of marking student excellence and providing incentives, by example, to all students.

Mr Imran Khan, Student of the Year 2017
Ms Sujina Piya received the award of Student of the Year 2018 (sponsored by E&F Collins Solicitors) on the MA in Accounting & Finance.

Education in Ireland (Enterprise Ireland) ‘Emerald’ Scholarships:

ICD Business School is one of three independent/private providers who are active members of Education in Ireland. As part of Enterprise Ireland’s initiative, ICD participates in Education Fairs in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Mexico and various European countries, including most recently, Spain and Switzerland.

To promote the excellent quality of Irish education internationally, ICD Business School, with Education in Ireland, awards Scholarships to learners from less developed countries. Currently, we are proud of our MA in Accounting & Finance students who have received Education in Ireland ‘Emerald Scholarships’ and we intend to work with our students, prospective students, and Education in Ireland to secure more scholarships to promote education among learners of all kinds, particularly those most in need of assistance.

Charity Activities and Fund Raising by ICD Staff and Students:

Learner-Led International Appeals:

ICD Business School staff and management actively work with the student body to organise fund raising appeals for important causes. These have included recent successful initiatives to raise funding support for, and awareness of, global events, as prompted by our large international student population. Recently, ICD students have managed to raise funding from staff, management and students to assist with helping victims of tragic events such as earthquakes and floods.

ICD has an ongoing commitment that ICD management will match, euro for euro, all the money collected by ICD students for any worthy cause.

Some of the appeals over the last 15 years have included the following;

  • Pakistan Earthquake Appeal 2005: ICD Business School with ICD student Zeeshan Shan contributed to an event to raise funds held at The Castleknock Golf and Country Club
  • Bangladesh Flooding: In the past three years, every year, ICD Business School with the student body have raised finances for the victims of the flooding in Bangladesh.
  • Nepalese Earthquake Appeal 2015: The student body raised €2,000 and ICD Business School were happy to match this amount for a total of €4,000.00. Ms Sujina Piya of the student body was the primary organiser as she is also a Nepalese national studying at ICD Business School (see photo left).

ICD Charity Patronage

ICD Business School is a Patron of The National Concert Hall (Dublin). The National Concert Hall is a registered charity and the funds that ICD Business School provide are used in the following important ways:

  • Bringing music out of the Concert Hall to persons suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Provision of music classes for young persons who have been diagnosed with autism and/or are on the autistic spectrum.

ICD Business School provides a financial donation contribution annually to fund these schemes.

Promotion of Cultural Diversity

As Ireland’s most culturally diverse Higher Educational Institution, it is in our DNA, at ICD, to promote cultural diversity in our student community, staff community, and beyond. This extends to active sponsorship of various cultural initiatives.


ICD Business School is always willing to sponsor events that our learners and/or their national or cultural organisations might be involved with. Recent events have included the following:

1. Nepal Day: ICD sponsors of Nepal Day, held at Farmleigh, Phoenix Park annually.

2. Nepal-Ireland Association: ICD sponsors The Nepali/Ireland Association which is a voluntary organisation. Below is Ms Sujina Piya (ICD student representative from Nepal), and ICD staff, meeting His Excellency, The Nepal Ambassador.

3. Venezuelan Dance: Sponsor of a dance group within the Venezuelan community in Ireland.


In 2019, ICD Business School were recognised for our Corporate Social Responsibility contributions of the past 15 years by His Excellency Uachtarán na hÉireann (President of Ireland) Michael D Higgins. Ms Joyce Zhao represented ICD Business School at a private meeting with Uachtarán na hÉireann.

For more information, please take a look at our student handbook: See Student Handbook

Recognising ICD Staff

Mr. Vincent Barry, Managing Director, ICD Business School presenting Mr. James O’Leary with a token of appreciation from ICD Business School for over 15 years service to ICD

Mr. Vincent Barry, Managing Director, ICD Business School, presenting Mr. Tim McNulty with a token of appreciation from ICD to mark Tim’s 15 years of lecturing excellence with ICD Business School.

‘Mr. Vincent Barry, Managing Director of ICD Business School presenting Ms Aileen Manto, ICD Lecturer, with a token of appreciation for all her hard work, professionalism and enthusiasm to mark her 15 years with ICD Business School.