ICD Library Resource Centre

Mrs. Grainne Fitzpatrick is ICD’s friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable Librarian. All registered ICD Students have full access to all ICD Library facilities. Grainne is on hand to help students with a variety of important elements of student life at ICD, including:

  • Accessing books: ICD has a comprehensive collection of books relating to all programmes and modules that students can borrow, refer to, and learn from
  • eBooks: ICD has access to a growing suite of eBooks available for consultation by students
  • Accessing journals and research databases online and offline: ICD provides access to hard copies of journals and also online access to top peer-reviewed journals through JStor. Students can receive training from Grainne on how to access and use JStor and related academic search engines such as Google Scholar
  • Accessing newspapers, websites, and magazines: ICD provides access to business-relevant magazines, newspapers, and websites via the library
  • Printing and photocopying facilities: students can access printing facilities through the ICD library and Grainne will train students to use the ICD printers and on how to top up their account to pay for printing
  • Moodle access and training: The Moodle VLE is used across all modules and programmes at ICD. Students will receive training in the use of Moodle from their induction modules, refresher induction sessions, and also on an ongoing basis by contacting Grainne in the Library. If a student has any difficulties in accessing or using Moodle, you can contact Grainne who will provide you her full support
  • Inter-Library Loans and Access: If a student needs to access a library outside of ICD (e.g. another college or public library) for any reason (e.g. to carry out research using their books or research resources), Grainne will guide you through this process; just get in touch with Grainne to discuss your needs.
  • Library induction and information skills: As part of ICD induction (a full 12-week course that runs in semester one of every academic year) the Librarian delivers induction to library facilities and how to use the library to access information.
  • Helping students with special needs: if you have special needs regarding the use of the Library, please contact Grainne who will do everything she can to ensure the college Library facilities cater for your needs fully
  • Study areas: ICD Library contains desks, chairs, and comfortable couches that students can use to study either individually or as part of study groups (e.g. teams working on group assignments).
  • Technology: ICD Library contains various computers that students can use to access the full suite of Microsoft Office software, to carry out research, to access the Moodle VLE (which is also available for access off-campus at any time, from any location), to practice using any software used during modules, and for students to work on your assignments.

For more information, please take a look at our student handbook: See Student Handbook