Student Representative Committee

Every year students in every programme have the chance to be elected to the prestigious role of member of the Student Representative Committee (SRC).

Student representative ambassadors attend student events every year to meet with other Irish and international students. The below picture shows Ms. Gardiana Suely Rodrigues De Sousa, Student Ambassador of ICD Business School, with some of her fellow ambassadors at Farmleigh House to receive their certificate from the Irish Minister for Education Ms. Jan O’Sullivan.

The Student Representative Committee plays a key role in the academic and social life at ICD. Just one example of this is its role in helping the Managing Director of the college, Mr Vincent Barry, to organise social events, gatherings, and trips. ICD bus tours take place regularly. Fully funded by the college director, ICD bus trips allow our students and staff to spend a day out together travelling around Ireland to experience beautiful scenery, to allow staff and students to get to know one another better, and most importantly to all have a much needed break from hard work and study, because there is more to life! Below is a photo from a recent bus tour. ICD bus tours travel all over Ireland with just some of the recent trips including the Cliffs of Moher, Wicklow, Powerscourt, and Avoca.

The student representative committee (SRC) provides representation for learners in the college’s key academic governance committee (with SRC elected members sitting on the Academic Council for at least one meeting per year) and encourages the student body to become active partners in the college’s overall governance and operation. They play a critical role in promoting the student voice at ICD Business School and in enhancing and assuring the quality of the college’s programmes, services, and learner supports.

The committee is comprised of elected student representatives from each stage of each of the college’s programmes.


The student representative committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. To play an active role in the governance and quality assurance structures of the college
  2. To represent their peers’ opinions and interests and actively address issues that impact upon the quality of their experience at the college
  3. Gathering the collective views of the student body and conveying these accurately and impartially to the college
  4. To participate in, support, and promote initiatives aimed at soliciting feedback from learners and actively improving the student learning experience
  5. To represent the views and interests of the student body at academic council
  6. To feedback information to learners as appropriate
  7. To maintain contact and coordinate with fellow student representatives
  8. To advise the college and provide constructive feedback – from the learner’s perspective – on matters such as programme assessment strategies, learner workloads, programme development, the college’s learning environment, its tangible learning resources, pastoral supports and student services, academic governance, and general academic policies and regulations
  9. To liaise with programme directors, the head of academic development and the registrar to represent the student voice
  10. To request the addition of agenda items at programme board meetings, via programme directors
  11. To provide representation for students who request representation as part of any processes relating to appeals, academic integrity/misconduct, general misconduct, complaints, or RPL applications or appeals
  12. To provide supports for students, as appropriate
  13. To continuously review student support infrastructure at ICD and to advise staff, management, and Academic Council on how student supports can be improved


Members of the student representative committee are encouraged to convene at least one student representative caucus meeting per semester. SRC members (one per programme) shall also be elected by the SRC as elected SRC members who sit on the Academic Council (and meet Academic Council no less than once per year).

Training and Induction

Newly elected student representatives will be expected to attend training and information sessions convened by the college for their induction. The registrar is responsible for supporting students in relation to room-bookings and will provide an induction to the SCR in committee procedures and minute-taking, alongside the academic council secretary.

Election of student representatives

Any student can nominate themselves for a position on the student representative council. These are presently limited to one student per stage per programme, though the college is open to learners proposing the creation of special representative positions (e.g. for mature learners).

Election of student representatives will normally be held every year to ensure every stage of every programme has an SRC representative. Ad-hoc elections will be held to fill any vacancies which may arise. More than one SRC representative can be elected per stage per programme, at students’ discretion (e.g. to achieve gender balance).

Current Voting Arrangements

Elections to the SRC, for the moment, involve staff members (ordinarily a member of the management team, or administrative office, or a Programme Director, or Head of Academic Development) inviting students in the early weeks of the first semester of any academic year to make nominations to the SRC, which are then voted on by students.

For more information about the vitally important role that the SRC plays at ICD, please see section 5 of the student handbook.

Special Roles for SRC members

While ICD fully respects the independence of the SRC, we do advise that the SRC should consider democratically delegating specific roles, jobs, or duties to specific members (or sub-groups) of the SRC. These special purpose roles help to ensure that ICD student life is enjoyable, safe, and rewarding and enables the SRC to plan events and create initiatives to promote positive student experiences at ICD. Mr Vincent Barry is always available to discuss any new initiative or ideas you might have to improve the student experience. Below is an image of the ICD Business School ‘Student Sport and Social Officer’ for 2018/2019, Mr. Silvino Lucena Medeiros

Below are photos of an SRC organised student excursion (day-out), where students and staff took a tour of Dublin on Viking Splash Tours, sponsored by ICD management.

For more information, please take a look at our student handbook: See Student Handbook