Induction Services at ICD

New Induction Module: Academic Writing

From September 2019 onwards, ICD has introduced a new mandatory induction module for all stage 1 (first year) semester 1 students. This module has been approved by QQI. An excerpt of the official QQI feedback on this module is as follows:

This is a strong module with lots of potential to make a positive impact on learner engagement and performance at ICD…If successful, it could become a template for other providers to use.

It is scheduled to run for two hours every week, for a total of 12 weeks (semester one). It is mandatory (required) that you attend this module (and complete the assignments) if you are a first year, semester one student. Undergraduate students will attend undergraduate induction. Postgraduate students will attend postgraduate induction. If you are required to attend this module, then you are also required to pass all assignments during the module. If you do not pass the assignments (all of them), then you will need to repeat the assignments. Each student is allowed four attempts at each assignment. If you fail to pass either assignment after four attempts, you will need to repeat the entire module (and all assignments) at the next delivery of the module, during the next academic year.

During the induction module you will:

  • Be welcomed to ICD by the Managing Director (Mr Vincent Barry), who will provide you with information about the college and its services (e.g. sports)
  • Receive information from the Registrar (Ms. Joyce Zhao) and the administration team on student services and administration
  • Be informed about student support services (e.g. English language training and counselling services) by the Student Liaison Manager (Ms. June Shannon)
  • Receive induction training on how to use the library services, with the ICD Librarian (Ms. Grainne Fitzpatrick)
  • Receive information about programme management
  • Be trained on how to use Moodle, JStor, online research databases, Mendeley Referencing software, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Windows
  • Learn how to do referencing with and without software (using the Harvard Style of citation and referencing)
  • Practice and improve your academic writing and presentation skills
  • Learn what plagiarism is and why and how to avoid plagiarism
  • Improve your independent learning and critical thinking skills
  • Improve your research and study skills
  • Learn about the rules and regulations in assessments and examinations
  • Learn about plagiarism detection software (Urkund) and how this software can be used by students to improve your understanding of plagiarism and how/why to avoid it
  • Be introduced to the Moodle Document Store for Students
  • Be guided through the most up-to-date ICD Student Handbook
  • Learn about a variety of different approaches to assessment
  • Learn about the benefits and challenges of both individual and group/team assignments and experience first-hand how to engage in both
  • Learn about attendance requirements and the ICD fees and refunds policy
  • Learn about the facilities at ICD (e.g. library, computing rooms, printing)
  • Learn about higher education generally (and at ICD)
  • Learn about how higher education works, including insight into the importance of learning outcomes and demonstrating achievement of learning outcomes at both the programme and the module level
  • Learn how to submit assignments in both hard copy (print-out) and digitally via Moodle (and Urkund)
  • Learn about formative and summative assessment and experience both
  • Learn about a variety of important ICD policies, including:
    • Extenuating circumstances policy
    • Plagiarism policies
    • Student misconduct policy
    • How to appeal grades
    • How to make a complaint
    • Sanctions that result from breaches of regulations
  • Learn about the vital role the Student Representative Committee (SRC) plays at ICD

Even though it is only year one, semester one students who are required to attend induction, ALL students are welcome to attend voluntarily and we are 100% certain you will benefit from attending whether it is mandatory or voluntary. ALL students are welcome to attend and participate in induction. Due to demand we have two separate induction sessions every week during semester one.

If you happen to have a timetable clash with induction, then do not worry, because we have also scheduled a number of refresher sessions.

Refresher Sessions on Study and Research Skills

The refresher sessions have been run at ICD for almost 15 years. They are designed to give any student (new students all the way to final year students) essential training in referencing, academic writing, research and study skills. All students are welcome to attend refresher sessions. A timetable of refresher sessions will be available in the Document Store for Students on Moodle and will be updated regularly. The refresher session courses are designed to run in a three-session series and various sessions have been allocated across the semester to ensure all students can attend (e.g. to prevent issues with a timetable clash).

For more information, please take a look at our student handbook: See Student Handbook